bandiera Commissione e Parlamento U.E., O.c.s.e.- O.e.c.d.
European Commission INFOSEC
Security of Telecommunications and Information Systems
Recommendation of the OECD for cryptography policy

bandiera Italia
Omega Generation
la ricerca in tema di sicurezza
Omega Generation
internet e la sicurezza nel commercio elettronico
Universita' di Salerno
Cryptography and Network Security Research and Development Group
CERT-IT Italian Computer Emergency Response Team
Eutron : sistemi e soluzioni per la sicurezza
business and data protection
Annuario della sicurezza
Politecnico di Torino
Computer and Network Security Group
Dal diritto di privacy ai domini di sicurezza

  Europa e resto del mondo
W3C Security Resources
First Security Pages (Advanced Laboratory Workstation System)
Privacy Resources, etc.
Security Resources on Internet
Solid Oak Software
Thomas Investigative Publications
"Infosecurity News" by MIS Training Institute: the international leader in audit and information security education
CNS (Computing and Network Services, Luxembourg)
Cryptography in Europe
Bert-Jaap Koops survey of crypto regulations world-wide
Canadian crypto links
Cryptography, PGP, and Your Privacy
Cryptolog collection of links
EINet Galaxy's Security Page
Pat Farrell's collection of links
Finnish compilation
Peter Gutmann's Security and Encryption-related Resources and Links
Sirene's Security and Cryptography page (IBM Zurich)
Sirene (Security in ComputerNetworks)
Spaf's (Gene Spafford's) Hotlist on Computer Security, Law, Privacy
Yahoo's Security And Encryption Page
Bennet Yee's Security-Related Net Pointers (from CMU)
Security Overview
NIH (NationalInstitutes of Health) page on Unix Security
NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
Computer Systems Laboratory
Computer Security Resource Clearinghouse
NRC (National Research Council; Computer Science and Telecommunications Board)