Europay international: sistemi di pagamento e commercio elettronico

LA C.E. ed il commercio elettronico

S.S.B. SpA: L'uso della firma digitale

Il sitosulla Firma Digitale della Regione Emilia-Romagna

La piccola guida al Commercio elettronico per le PMI

Omega Generation: la moneta elettronica

Commerce and Society in Cyberspace

OCSE-OCDE Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development: Lignes directrices regissant la politique de cryptographie

OCSE-OCDE Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development: (10/1998) Ottawa Conference

Ministero dell'industria: linee di politica industriale per il commercio elettronico

MIT Laboratory for Computer Science, Theory of Computation Group, Cryptography and Information Security

Ron Rivest's collection of links on Cryptography and Security!

A set of web pages maintained for DARPA

Omega Generation ed i sistemi di pagamento elettronico

Ecash: a software only form of electronic money; the money for the Internet

The Mark Twain Bank accept real money denominated ecash

Ron Davie's Electronic Money and Money in History

Payments Overview

W3C - The Technology & Society Domain Technology & Society:
understanding the social impact of the Web and reaching out to affected communities